Your Zodiac Sign's Super Mario Bros Character?

Aries - Foreman Spike

Spike—Foreman Spike—is always ready. Like Aries, Mario and Luigi's ex-boss doesn't filter. Fierce? Of course. Impulsive? How else would Spike constantly be offensive and ready to go forward?

Taurus - Luigi

Taurus prefers stability and peace. Taurus, like Luigi, prefers a leader. Taurus, like Luigi, is loyal and loving yet obstinate and determined. 

Gemini - Princess Peach

Gemini is charming and a great multitasker. Princess Peach embodies Gemini with her eccentricity. Princess Peach, like Gemini, has two personalities: one for work and one for friends.

Cancer - Cranky Kong

Cranky Kong's bluntness belies his Cancer nature. He's sensitive and seeks consolation despite his acerbic attitude. A soul that forgives yet remembers.

Leo - Mario

Mario, Mario, Mario! Mario, like Leo, is warm and egotistical. Mario, a Leo, is sociable and bold. Mario may occasionally overstep, like darling Leo.

Virgo - Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is analytical, careful, and likes to feel helpful like Virgo. Donkey Kong is always working and never content. Virgo, recognize? 

Libra - Toad

Sweet, indecisive, cheery, and conflict-avoidant. Until their buddies need them. Libra, like Toad, avoids confrontation but would fight for a buddy in a hurry.

Scorpio - Kamek

Kamek and Scorpio are intuitive, determined, passionate, enchanting, and magnetic. Kamek, like Scorpio, loves his pals, but it's hard to determine whether they're serious or kidding.

Sagittarius - Penguin King

The Penguin King, like Sagittarius, is a leader who leads from the front rather than from afar. The Penguin King is curious and upbeat. Sag, your energy gives you drive.

Capricorn - Bowser

Capricorn reached adulthood at five. Capricorn, like Bowser, is a responsible buddy who represses feelings to succeed. Capricorn and Bowser are unstoppable.

Aquarius - Giuseppe

Aquarius and Mario's father, Giuseppe, are loyal and secretive. Unpredictable (it's hard to read someone who's transitory), both want to improve the world.

Pisces - Lumalee

Pisces, like Lumalee, is ethereal and independent. Pisces lives a fantasy existence, believing everything is a sign and switching between dream and reality