Your Zodiac Sign's Recommended Exercise

Aries: Spinning

Aries, you challenge yourself in everything. Fire signs are early risers. Your perfect workout starts your day with sweat and vigor

Taurus: Hiking

You hate crowded gyms. You like working out and living outside. Outdoors grounds you. Hiking is fun on weekends and off days

Gemini: Zumba

Gemini, you're outgoing and energized by others. You appreciate trying new things and being social, unlike other signs. 

Cancer: Pilates

Cancer's energy fluctuates with the moon's cycles. You prefer mood-based decision-making over routine. 



Leo: Ballet Barre

Fire signs must be passionate about their pursuits. Fitness should be exciting and effective, so you won't wait for the squat rack.

Virgo: Yoga

Virgo, you're probably already exercising since you're health-conscious. If you want to try something new, locate something you can fit into your hectic day.

Libra: CrossFit

Libra loves, not fights. Your Venusian energy makes you a leader or mediator. You're a sociable butterfly, but you like to workout alone and push yourself.

Scorpio: Martial Arts

You're driven and need an outlet. Focusing on work and interests usually does that. You're special because being busy energizes you.