Your favorite snack is written in the stars.

Snacks are immediate. Nachos are quick, filling, and addicting. "Is there more?" you ask after scraping the dish clean.

Aries: Guacamole

Since you're sensitive to all five senses, taste is your favorite. You'll eat anything. You love all munchies.

Taurus: All Things

You'll make time for a snack even though you're usually busy. Fast food is your guilty pleasure. Geminis drive cars with burgers.

Gemini: All Fast Food

You believe a home-cooked supper has more affection than any hurried nibble. With a well-stocked kitchen and a love of coziness, your favorite snack is homemade.

Cancer: Dinner

Your guilty pleasure snack is huge and indulgent. To feel special, you'll buy cake and ice cream even though it's not your birthday.

Leo: Dessert


As a health-conscious zodiac sign, you know how pleasant and refreshing a crisp, juicy salad can be. Best part? It's healthy.

Virgo: Huge Salad

Chocolate-covered strawberries satisfy your craving for romance. It fulfills your thirst and sweet tooth. It's perfect.

Libra: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

No snack is too strange for you. Because taste is a journey, you're open to new flavors and cuisines.

Sagittarius: Exotic Food

You love breakfast since you're a morning person. You're salivating over coffee and pancakes.

Capricorn: Breakfast Anytime

Pizza is your go-to snack since you love sharing and making friends while eating. Delivered at the front door, everyone joins you.

Aquarius: Large Pizza