What's Your Zodiac Dog Breed?

Doberman Pinchers epitomize Aries dogs. Dobies are brave, daring, forceful, and ready for anything. Like Aries, they have a tough appearance, but once you get to know them, they're kind.

Aries-Doberman Pincher

vaA Basset Hound is clearly the Taurus of dog breeds. They're low-energy sniffers like Taurus. However stubborn, they're patient, devoted, quiet, lovely, and appealing. 

Taurus - Basset Hound

Geminis are Jack Russell Terriers. Like Geminis, these energetic canines are smart, curious, and quick learners. Jack Russell Terriers get bored easily because they never stop working. 

Gemini - Jack Russell Terrier

The Cancer dog breed is the Newfoundland. "Nanny dogs" are gentle giants who love their families and are happy.

Cancer - Newfoundland



Golden Retrievers are Leos. They resemble the class Leo symbol, the lion, with their golden coat and neck feathering. Golden Retrievers, like Leos, adore attention

Leo - Golden Retriever

Bloodhounds are Virgo dogs. Bloodhounds, like Virgos, work hard. They focus on following a scent. Virgo's need to help matches a Bloodhound's search and rescue work.

Virgo - Bloodhound

Poodles are Libras. Libras are smart, gregarious, and adventurous like these dogs. Poodles are bright, extraverted, entertaining, and eager to please.

Libra - Poodle

American Pit Bulls are Scorpios. They're stubborn, fearless, courageous, and determined to keep going, like Scorpios

Scorpio - American Pitt Bull

Siberian Huskies represent Sagittarius. Huskies and Sags are social and love activity and excitement. Siberian Huskies are active, playful, mischievous, and communicative. 

Sagittarius - Siberian Husky

Border Collies are Capricorn dogs. Border Collies labor hard like Capricorns. They are smart, devoted, and energetic. They also enjoy toys and sheep organized.

Capricorn - Border Collie

Basenjis are Aquarians. They are autonomous, self-confident, and creative like Aquarius. They're shy, stubborn, and not people-pleasers. Basenjis yodel, not bark!

Aquarius - Basenji

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels represent Pisces. Pisces are friendly, smart, playful, courteous, and compassionate lap dogs. 

Pisces - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel