This Month's Aquarius Full Moon Will Motivate You to Help Others.

At full, the moon illuminates your intuition, security, and emotional compass.

Full Moon Astrology Meaning

Aquarius, the Water Bearer and governed by Uranus is one of the most forward-thinking, sociable, humanitarian, group-oriented, and science-minded zodiac signs.

Health Topics

Aquarius values community, whereas Leo values self-expression. They only talk about their aspirations.

Satisfy Your Needs

Full moons are culminations, not the starting steps toward a goal.

Adopt a Step-by-Step Strategy


Uranus' frenzied energy colors this full moon in Aquarius, which might lead to wonderful realizations but also make you feel like jumping out of your skin.

Peace Inside

If you were born under the Water Bearer sign or with your own planets in Aquarius, you'll experience this full moon more than others.

Aquarius Impacts Most

Given that science-minded Aquarius and hard-working Saturn are in charge, this full moon is less dramatic than usual.

Aquarius Full Moon Astrology