This Is Your Best Seafood Restaurant.

"We love this little piece of Cajun heaven in Silverhill, Alabama, where you can get authentic Creole food like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffe, fried shrimp and crawfish, and more!"

Cafe Acadiana, Silverhill

"Can't say enough about how fresh and delicious the king crab was. One leg had 12 ounces of meat. I also had the crab bisque, which was delicious, and a flight of beers. Yum."

Tracy's King Crab Shack, Juneau

"This place is real and has a friendly, welcoming, and AWESOME vibe!"

Chula Seafood, Scottsdale

"What a hidden gem in Arkansas! The food is great, the service is great, and the atmosphere is great. If you want to eat somewhere different, this is the place to go."

Le Stick Nouveau, Eureka Springs

"My kids liked their tuna dill and my husband enjoyed their cappuccino and ceviche. It was fantastic. I like the retro '80s vista and the music to match."

Strada Eateria & Coffee, Los Angeles

Everything from the fish to the wonderfully delectable vegetarian samosas, lamb, rice, service, and excellent chai tea was simply outstanding.

African Grill and Bar, Denver

"Casual cuisine, casual environment, paper plates, no dessert, but the finest rolls around!"

Knot Norm's Catering Co., Norwalk

"I got the smoked salmon on a sesame bagel. It's so good! Everything is fresh, and the texture of each part is just right.

Neopol Savory Smokery, Washington, D.C.

Amazing food and service. We were visiting family in Delaware and were hungry when we drove by. 

Po’ Boys Creole and Fresh Catch, Milton

"I really wanted ceviche, and the one here didn't let me down. I got it with shrimp, and the spice was a great way to top off an already great dish."

Inkanto Peruvian Cuisine, Fort Lauderdale

"We had shrimp and chicken po' boys, which were good, but the fried okra and hush puppies stole the show. You have to get them!"

Bee 'z Eats, Newnan

This is the best shrimp with garlic I've had on the north shore of Hawaii. I always get the shrimp with spicy garlic sauce. It's not very hot.

Aloha Shrimp, Hauula

"I've been dying for a sushi-rito, and these guys gave it to me. It has all the tastes and textures you love from sushi, but it fills you up like a burrito."

Rawdeadfish, Coeur d 'Alene

"Great food, great service, and great decor. We are going to come back. Try the shrimp Creole. Hot and sour. The salmon was tasty and soft."

Penumbra, Chicago