Your zodiac sign's greatest fear


Aries babies are born leaders because they are confident and strong-willed. They are most afraid of being wrong, and they don't like it when people question their authority.


Everyone agrees that Leos like being the center of attention. They love it when people watch them, but they love being praised even more.


Sagittarius, the first rebel without a cause, hates being told what to do. Their biggest worry is that someone will stop them from reaching their goals and dreams.


Gemini doesn't like to be tied down because it is flighty and impatient. People who were born under this sign don't like being stuck in a rut or having a boring routine.


Libras are usually laid-back, but they also like to keep things in balance. They are very careful around anything that could throw their life out of balance.


Another rebellious sign, Aquarius is most afraid of becoming like everyone else. Aquarians can't even imagine that they might not be some kind of revolutionary.


Relationships are very important to people born under the Cancer sign. Deep connections are what life is all about, and Cancers fear being alone more than anything else.