Plus-Size Bride Was Insecure About Photo

Your wedding photographs should not make you loathe them. This plus-size lady got hers back and deleted some. She felt insecure till she saw her spouse. Find out.

TikToker @theillusionofnormal green screened herself into a wedding picture and spoke about it. "When I received the first batch of images guests took from the wedding, this was my least favorite picture of me," she added.

She recognized this was a negative habit for body image concerns. "We instantly evaluate ourselves," she remarked. They fight themselves and only perceive their defects in images.

She also found something to cherish in this shot. "See," she said. "He's staring at me. He's thinking differently. He thinks I'm lucky. I married my ideal wife."

Her spouse smiled at her, in love with her beauty. She stated one picture dissolved everything else. Her appearance no longer mattered.

"So I'm framing it," she remarked. "Because I want to look at this picture every day and see myself like he does." Commenters told her she looked great and her hubby loved her.

"He seems in love with you and you look lovely and so very happy," someone commented. "Before you even began talking I instantly thought “oh my god she is stunning!”.. you seem so happy,"

"My initial impression was: look how pleased she is, gosh those flowers, wait, those shoes are wonderful. You then showed his face, "one remarked.

This was a lovely memory with your partner.