Paris Hilton claimed misogyny.

The 42-year-old heiress says she rose to fame at a "toxic" time for young women, but Paris thinks things are changing.

"The early 2000s were basically about ripping women down and pitting them against each other," Paris, a great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton, told The Independent. Just poisonous.

I'm glad things are changing and people are seeing how wrong that was. Yet work remains. Misogyny is still prevalent."

Paris had a surrogate son named Phoenix in January, and she's already dreading his growth. In 2021, the blonde beauty married Carter Reum.


The blonde beauty, who married Carter Reum in 2021, worries her son may follow in her ways. She said, "I get concerned when I think of him being a teenager and if he's going to slip out at night."

"And I hope he doesn't want to be in this industry, because it's a lot." I hope he'll be a nerd like his dad and work or play sports."

The reality star told "Entertainment Tonight": "My favorite times are when he's just laying on my chest and he's looking into my eyes and my heart just melts and I just feel that this is just the most amazing time in my life."

Paris adored sharing her experience with followers in 'Paris: The Memoir'. "Putting it all out there has been my most healing experience," she remarked.

"Writing them all out and putting them out there has just made me feel just really fantastic."