Kim Kardashian's London pub 

When Kim Kardashian showed up in a London pub, people were astonished. St. Patrick's Day photos of her holding a Guinness went viral.

Another photo shows cameras and crew workers, suggesting the whole affair was staged for reality television.

Two photos of Kardashian in the pub were tweeted to demonstrate the discrepancy. Kardashian had a shot glass and a pint of Guinness in the left photo. “Thanks for the pint @kimkardashian.”

A second picture in the tweet shows the pub with many crew members documenting the action with cameras and lighting.


“Disappointed to find that this was the insta versus reality of kim k in the pub,” the tweet read. One guy replied: “I mean.... Maybe a couple cameras I expected, but this crew is basically taking up the whole pub haha and that's not counting security etc.”

Another wrote: “like why on earth would anyone think that was real like plz be serious these stars are not your mate.”

Kardashian also attended an Arsenal football match, the London Eye, and a Paris Saint-Germain match in France with her seven-year-old son Saint.