Katy Perry claims she and Orlando Bloom struck a three-month alcohol-free pact:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have agreed to abstain from alcohol for three months. The judge on "American Idol" recently discussed her five-week sobriety streak.

Both the benefits and difficulties of their partnership have been previously highlighted by Perry and Bloom. Katy Perry's journey to sobriety will be interrupted by nothing.

This week, the "American Idol" judge said that she and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, had struck a three-month sobriety pledge.

"Today marks five weeks since I last used alcohol... My partner and I have made a contract, and I'm ready to dissolve it "As Perry informed the public. Luke Bryan, another judge on "American Idol," was there and inquired whether she planned to make good on her word.

"Don't do it! I just can't give in to this pressure "...she said. "Everything I said would happen, would happen; I promised. A duration of three months."

The bar was filled with Perry's non-alcoholic apéritif brand, De Soi, which she cofounded with Morgan McLachlan and released in early 2022, so she could drink freely during the event.

Although most beverage producers utilize artificial flavors, De Soi relies on natural ones like fruit juices, herbs, and mushrooms.

After three years of dating, Perry and Bloom got engaged in February 2019. A little over a year later, their daughter Daisy Dove was born.

The pair has been quite forthright about the benefits and difficulties of their relationship.

Perry, for her part, has claimed that the two of them keep each other responsible, and she has described Bloom as a partner who is eager to embark on "a never-ending cleaning" of the mind, body, and soul.

"I have a boyfriend who is also all about finding a balance—Orlando, who is on his own spiritual journey," Perry told Vogue in January 2020. " "He's my true anchor. Katy Perry isn't his favorite, but Katheryn Hudson is."