How Hailey Bieber Quietly Copes With Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber is aware of TikTok fans scrutinizing her relationship with Justin Bieber's ex Selena Gomez, but she's staying mute.

A source told Us Weekly how she is handling character insults and accusations that she is a "mean girl." The source also dispelled rumors that Hailey and Justin's marriage was troubled.

"Justin has been a fantastic support system for Hailey throughout all this," the insider said. He knows Hailey was thrilled after she and Selena reconciled and thought they had moved on.”

In late February 2023, fans began investigating Hailey's prior behavior of Selena after Hailey and Kylie Jenner shared Instagram Stories ridiculing Selena.



The source told Us: The Biebers are unified. Hailey She's relied on Justin and knows he's got her. Challenges like this improve their marriage.

In her late-February Vogue Australia interview, Hailey made that apparent. Justin asked her what she liked best about their four-year marriage. 

She said, "Mmm..." Marriage's friendship is my favorite part. You're my best friend ever. There's no one I'd prefer spend time or do anything with.”

Us's information comes after Justin's 29th birthday party favor was seen as "shade" at Selena. 

 Justin gave out a lighter cover that said, “I'm so thankful I didn't finish up with what I thought I wanted,” which may mirror his life journey more than his love life.