Horror Movie Deaths by Zodiac Sign

Aries: Dying heroically.

You're the boldest sign. You're the one devising a daring strategy to save yourself and others. You survive much of the film thanks to your wits and kill a few henchmen.

Taurus: Dying saving friend

Your best friend got you to spend a weekend in the spooky woods, and now a crazed killer is chasing you

Gemini: Dies after leaving the group.

You're the first to recognize something's wrong. As the zodiac's outspoken extrovert, you're the first to voice your displeasure, even if no one listens.

Cancer: Died trusting the wrong person

While you cry when the bodies fall, your warrior spirit surprises and charms the crowd. This horror story's underdog nearly makes it to the finish until a shocking betrayal. 



Leo: Died taunting the killer.

It's no secret you enjoy to party. You're first to defend those in danger. You take action with a strategy and risk your safety when things go wrong.

Virgo: Dies after discovering the killer.

Virgo, you die early in this film, but not because you're weak. Your attention to detail lets you spot problems right away. 

Libra: Died making out.

Libra, this isn't the vacation you booked. Your buddies' enjoyable trip turned into a nightmare. You're the first with a good plan, but the commotion drowns you out. 

Scorpio: Demon-possessed Scorpio dies.

Scorpio, you recognize despair. You'll hunt for paranormal explanations or signs of occult magic when things go wrong.

Sagittarius: Dying believing it's a joke.

You think the first few deaths are your buddies pranking you because you're known for your harmless pranks and wisecracks.

Capricorn: Killed the killer.

In this frightening movie, your pessimism helps you. You and your companions survive much of the film and find the killer before they can kill you.

Aquarius: Congrats, "last girl!"

Unfortunately, only you follow your plan, which works flawlessly. You're the only survivor who gets to the service road and flags down a car.

Pisces: You killed!

Plot twist! Audiences wouldn't suspect you even if they knew the killer was among them. Pisces, that makes you the perfect villain.