Classy Ladies Make The Best Wives: 10 Reasons

1. She is polite.

This isn't a woman who will be late, only talk about herself, or act like she deserves something nice when you do it for her.

2. She can shoot without making a mess.

She might like whiskey, cocktails, wine, or tequila shots. No matter what she's drinking, she stops before she falls.

3. She can converse.

The great thing about a woman who wants more from men than emojis, sexual innuendos, and selfies is that she wants to communicate with them in a real way.

4. She will say what she thinks.

She doesn't want to mess with her head or keep putting question marks in her head closet

5. She doesn't like to yell or throw fits.

She learned a long time ago that adults talk quietly, even when they want to say something.


6. She doesn't want a benefactor

Yes, it's nice to go out to dinner every once in a while, but this woman isn't going to wait around for a man to pay for her dream life.

7. She doesn't Instagram "I have nothing to wear."

We're not saying that Kim was wrong for taking naked selfies in the past; we're just saying that out of your 99 problems, that won't be one of them.

8. She's all about giving and getting.

She doesn't ask for love, honesty, integrity, respect, massages, oral sex, or anything else she's not willing to give.

9. She values intelligence

She might like to read a few pages of US Weekly, but she'll also look at the BBC.

10. She is sincere in her kindness.

This is a woman who has her own set of standards and acts in a way that meets those standards because that's who she is, not because she wants to impress you.