Astrologer's Top 10 Taurus Weaknesses

They're stubborn.

Taureans are known for their stubbornness. Once they've decided on anything, they don't like suggestions or support. Flexible practice can aid these stubborn bulls.

Indulge Their Vices

Taureans enjoy anything luxurious and sensual since Venus rules their earth sign. Pleasure-seeking can lead to overindulgence. 

Never Rush.

Taureans take their time. They don't rush into things or make dumb mistakes, thus this technique typically works for them. Tauruses move slowly.

Hold Grudges

Bulls symbolize Taureans. If provoked, they'll lose their cool. Unfortunately, once they see red, they may not back down or let go of their anger, which can lead to major grudge keeping.

They're Greedy.

Taurus rules the second house, which governs wealth and possessions. Insecure Taurus may act greedily. This might take the form of hoarding riches out of fear .


Expanding Their Comfort Zones Is Difficult.

Tauruses are fixed, making change difficult. However, evolution is crucial, so these sometimes-obstinate bulls shouldn't impede their progress.


Tauruses are naturally materialistic as earth signs. They like luxury, money, and pleasant things. These traits can make Taurus materialistic if overdone. 

Play things Safe

Taurus like to play things safe and follow their comfort zone. However, their need for security might make them inflexible. Tauruses should occasionally take prudent risks. 

Sometimes Forget Their Worth

Taureans are confident and driven on good days. On a poor day, a Taurus might struggle with self-esteem and insecurity about their talents. 

Building Trust Takes Time.

Taureans are wary about getting wounded and reticent to open out to people. Tauruses often take a while to trust others in partnerships.