According to your zodiac sign, what chip are you?

Pita chips are flame-kissed and twice-baked, and Aries is a cardinal fire sign that might benefit from smoking.

ARIES - Pita chips

Taurus is the zodiac's potato—versatile, reliable, thick, and long-lasting. We're lazy because we're always seeking for the easy way to pleasure.

TAURUS - Sour cream and onion chips

Pringles has changed its name from potato chips to potato crisps and added varieties like prawn and blueberry to suit taste and taxes.

GEMINI - Pringles

Cancers are reluctant to change and sentimental, hence the Funyun formula has stayed unaltered since 1969. 

CANCER - Funyuns

 SunChips attempted hard to portray itself as "green" but has subsequently retracted their biodegradable bag program. 

LEO - SunChips

Arch West, a Virgo, developed Doritos. West was buried with corn chip triangles. Flour rest.

VIRGO - Cool Ranch Doritos



Libra is polished and seeks to preserve the peace to avoid upsetting or losing appetite. The original Lays potato chip suits most people's demands.

LIBRA - Lay’s Potato Chips

Scorpio controls the genitalia, and this package of potato chips from Lithuanian manufacturer Chazz promises a unique taste.

SCORPIO - Chazz P—y-flavored potato chips

Cheetos Cheshire Cheetah reminds me of a classic Sagittarius man: no trousers, sunglasses 24/7, billiard hall regular


Captain Ahab, replete with whale bone prostheses, clinched teeth, and ruthlessness, is my Capricorn archetype. 

CAPRICORN - Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips

Aquarians are used to being eccentric and criticized. Hot air ballooning, lycra, and kale chips take years to catch on. 

AQUARIUS - Kale chips

Pisces, the zodiac's last sign, embodies all previous signs' energies. Jupiter, the spacious, more-is-merrier planet, rules Pisces.

PISCES - Munchies Snack Mix