A Man's Short Death: "I Was Apart From My Body"

Kevin Hill saw his own resuscitation after near-death. Brain activity explains near-death experiences. Hill's medical experience followed a lengthy struggle with a rare condition.

Kevin Hill was calm when he died. Once medics revived him, he remembers it. "Bleeding was obvious. I understood "told The Mirror. "Stopping the hemorrhage required staff visits. I died. Separate from my body."

The memory finishes with him alive. "I simply went to sleep," he says. "I knew I'd live." Hill, 55, from Derbyshire, UK, has skin condition. In 2022, calciphylaxis caused him to hemorrhage and halt his heart before physicians revived him.

""I wasn't gazing down at my body," Hill adds. I felt like a spirit. I was aware, yet I felt at rest." Scientists claim NDEs happen. Experts are unsure how or why.

Researchers, notably from the International Association for Near-Death Studies, think NDEs are caused by a shift in cerebral blood flow after abrupt life-threatening events like heart attacks, 

physical trauma, or shock. Brain electrical activity slows when blood and oxygen are lost.

One specialist told Scientific American that local brain areas went down one by one, like a town losing electricity one neighborhood at a time.

During an NDE, your mind works outside its usual boundaries. As predicted, the NDE leaves a true, sometimes detailed memory.

"Everyone felt I should be dead," Hill adds. NDE instead.