9 Easy, Powerful Abs Exercises

Sore muscles after a workout can make you feel like you worked hard. But sometimes, the routine that used to be super difficult just doesn't do it for you anymore.

Trainers swear by Abs Moves

Lie flat on the floor, raise right arm, and bend right leg so right foot is flat.Sit up with left arm support.


Hold a medicine ball at chest height. Twist torso to bring ball above opposite shoulder.

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Bring right knee to right elbow from forearm plank. Return to plank and repeat on right. Maintain proper form and alternate quickly.



Recline with legs hip-width apart. Form a "X" with arms overhead. Bring right hand and left foot together with core. Switch sides and repeat.


Start in a plank with forearms on a stability ball, keeping core tight and body straight. Saw arms. For extra difficulty, circle elbows right and left.

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Lie on your back with knees and feet in the air and hips bent at 90 degrees. Lower legs to one side and raise them to the other while keeping body flat.

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Plank on a stability ball. Knees to left elbow, draw a semi-circle. Return to starting position and draw knees directly under chest.

J turns

Lay on the floor with arms overhead and legs straight. Bring hands to toes, then lower back. Don't touch the ground to make this move harder.