76ers overtake Bucks for NBA lead?

With the latest heartbreak, the Philadelphia 76ers go to third in the East and will still try to win the league. Many analysts ranked the Sixers fourth in the East at the start of the season.

Philly proved them incorrect with a strong offensive surge. The 76ers might challenge "Numero Uno" with 8 victories in 10 games.

Everyone knows top seeding in the playoffs is advantageous. From home-court advantage to an easier NBA finals path. 

The East has outperformed the West this season. Hence, winning the East would grant home-court advantage in the Finals.

Milwaukee Bucks led the "first seed" competition with a season-best 16-game winning streak. The Sixers had a similar run.

Boston Celtics are 2nd in the East with 10 games left to win the title. Yet, they are lacking important players and have lost recent games. 

So, the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers are the only teams that can win the league. We will examine their next matches and consider swapping league spots.

 They already hold a playoff slot and want to cement their 2023 season title. The Bucks are 2.5 games ahead of the Celtics with 11 games left in the regular season. 

The Bucks struggle away from the Fiserv Forum Arena. Paradoxically, they will only face two playoff contenders and the Nuggets away, making their road games easier to close the regular season.

The Bucks face harder opponents at home. The Grizzlies, Sixers, and Celtics make home games worse. Chicago Bulls will be their final home opponent on April 7.

Based on team standings, results, and load management, I anticipate 8 wins out of 11 for the Bucks and a 59-23 season. Even their wins are predicated on their poor form.

 The Philadelphia 76ers, the top seed contender, will benefit from the evenly split wins. Let's examine the 76ers' schedule to see if they can beat the Bucks.

Philadelphia 76ers are playing well. Even without James Harden, top MVP candidate Joel Embiid plays only three quarters. This team is confident.



Even if Philly wins all 11 games in hand, the Bucks' results will determine their league place. On April 2, the 76ers and Bucks will play a crucial game.

The Sixers play 11 clubs in four home and seven away games. 11 teams are playoff-bound. Due to road tiredness, the Philly team will struggle to go undefeated.

On March 22, they can redeem themselves after losing to the Bulls in overtime. The Sixers then play the Warriors, Suns, and Nuggets in the West.

Sixers will complete the season against intra-conference opponents after hosting the Mavs.

These opponents are tougher, but the Sixers are in fierce form and have a superior record versus them this season, barring the Celtics and Mavs.

Like the Bucks' wins, based on the fixtures, Harden scenario, and records, I expect the Sixers to win 9 of their remaining 11 games, banking on their blazing offensive.