7 Bad Habits Trainers Want You To Quit After 40

1. You're using electronics before bed.

The Sleep Foundation advises adults over 18 to sleep at least seven hours per night. However, as you age, it becomes harder to fall asleep and stay sleeping, which might cause health problems and less exercise motivation. Bright electronics before night are awful for sleep.

2. You're sitting all day long.

The Mayo Clinic warns that extended sitting can increase your risk of excessive blood sugar, abdominal fat, bad cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Sedentary lifestyles increase the chance of early death, according to research. Staying motionless also shortens and tightens your muscles, reducing fitness and flexibility.

3. You're under the mindset that you're "too old."

Unless you're Danny Glover, never say "I'm too old." Instead of believing you're young, you'll hunt for evidence that you're "too old." Working out reinforces this. Believing you're younger is healthy. I've met 20-year-olds who live like 70-year-olds and vice versa. Who's "old?"

4. You're making excuses for yourself.

When you remark, "I don't have time," it's like saying, "My dog ate my homework." Sometimes it's deeper—poor self-esteem, traumas, fear of failure, etc. Adults shouldn't make excuses. Start exercising, and going to the gym will become simpler. If you wait until you're 100% "ready," you'll never start.

5. You're doing things like you "used to."

After 40, college workouts and diets won't help you get in shape. Following an old strategy can overwhelm, stress, and injure your health. Follow a program tailored to your body, goals, lifestyle, and restrictions. You'll improve and avoid big setbacks.

6. You're not getting help from a certified fitness professional.

If you've said, "I know what I need to do, I just need to do it," you don't. (You would have done it already!) You can admit you don't know how to get fit. Exercise, diet, and other help is fine. You'll relieve the stress and save years of wasted time and no results.

7. You're being inactive outside the gym.

Gym-going clients please trainers. We appreciate when our clients use their fitness gains to live full, active lives instead of just sitting on the couch. Life happens outside the gym. Hike, bike, dance, swim, garden, and more. Think at exercise as a lifestyle, not a few times a week, and you'll reap more benefits than you ever dreamed.