10 Ways to Exercise Without Trying


Before eating your nutritious meal, chop, dice, sauté, and clean up for 40 minutes to burn 128 calories!

Dance Party!

Play a dance game for 20 minutes or dance to Lizzo in your room. Bonus: You'll likely keep going.

Put Up

To lose 100 calories, vacuum for 35 minutes.

Tub Scrub

Cleaning your bathrooms for 25 minutes eliminates soap scum and 107 calories.

Plant a Garden

Plant a garden to eat better and burn 105 calories each 25 minutes of digging in the dirt.


Be Creative

Bored at home and want to burn more calories? Try painting without the TV or computer. Make a canvas or paint your bedroom.

Get Messy

Is your kitchen, bathroom, or living room floor dirty? You'll burn 115 calories and brighten your home in 15 minutes by scrubbing them.


Enjoy these top jogging books. To burn 100 calories and sharpen your mind, read for 65 minutes.

Mow the Lawn

In 20 minutes, push the lawn mover to burn 119 calories.

Hang Pictures or Paintings

Spend 30 minutes to hang up your artwork and photos. You'll save money and burn 107 calories while updating your home.