The 15 Best Sandwiches in America

Katz’s Deli, New York

The 15 Best Sandwiches in America

A famed Jewish delicatessen on the east side of New York City that has been in operation for more than a century. This lively café, where Meg Ryan famously thumped the table in When Harry Met Sally, is frequented by both locals and tourists. Katz’s 30-day home-cured pastrami, corned beef, and brisket are used in a variety of hot and cold sandwiches. The Reuben is a classic combination that combines beef, pastrami, or turkey with melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, salad, and sauerkraut. With seven types of bagels to select from, the breakfast bagel with lox and cream cheese is a must.

Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh

The restaurant, which began as a modest food cart, is a Pittsburgh favorite, and although the setting has changed, the cuisine has not. Primanti Bros. is now a restaurant and bar offering ‘almost-famous’ fresh-cut fries among their sandwich offerings. The large tallboy sandwiches contain only fresh, house-made ingredients and have an amazing flavor, and they are accompanied by soft potato fries.

Mother’s Restaurant, New Orleans, LA

During World War Two, Mother’s Restaurant, which was established in 1938, was a favorite local gathering spot. Mother’s Restaurant delivers the world’s greatest baked ham and the renowned Ferdi Special, both of which continue to be popular. The Ferdi Special is a traditional Louisiana po’ boy stuffed with baked ham, roast meat, detritus, and gravy. This hearty sandwich is often touted as the best sandwich ever and is Mother’s Restaurant’s signature meal that keeps customers coming back.

Phillippe’s, Los Angeles, CA

The 15 Best Sandwiches in America

Philippe’s has been offering the best sandwich in Los Angeles since 1908 when it introduced the original “French Dipped Sandwich.” In 1918, the house specialty, the French Dipped Sandwich, was accidentally formed when a French roll was slipped into a pan of hot juices. The rest is history, and the sandwich has remained popular throughout the decades; it consists of a range of meat alternatives placed inside a freshly baked French roll and coated in the meat’s natural gravy. With six different slices of meat and a variety of cheeses to pick from, the French Dipped Sandwich has a flavor for any carnivore.

Parkway Bakery & Tavern, New Orleans, LA

USA Today Readers’ Choice named Parkway Bakery & Tavern Best Po’ Boy in Louisiana due to its reputation for serving traditional po’ boys in the style of Louisiana. Parkway Bakery & Tavern is an icon of New Orleans and a cherished institution with over 100 years of memories within its walls. It welcomes both residents and visitors from across the world. Parkway Bakery & Tavern offers over 17 po’ boy selections, including the specialty roast beef with gravy and the local favorite wild-caught gulf shrimp, leaving guests spoiled for choice.

Donkey’s Place, Camden, NJ

Three-quarters of a century in operation, family-owned Donkey’s Place has garnered countless accolades throughout the years for its legendary cheesesteak sandwiches. The late chef Anthony Bourdain deemed it Philadelphia’s best cheesesteak restaurant (despite it being in New Jersey). The simple menu features hefty steak sandwiches served on poppy seed rolls, with cheese, fried onions, and hot pepper relish available as add-ons. Fries, pickles, and stuffed cherry peppers are available as sides. It can be washed down with a variety of local craft beers.

Publican Quality Meats, Chicago, IL

Publican Quality Meats, a local butcher, specializes in specialty cuts and charcuterie boards. Yet, the in-house café offers some of the best sandwich options in Chicago, and the butchers are frequently patronized as a sandwich shop. Even though there are just six selections on the menu, the gourmet subs’ superior ingredients and unique filling combinations have won the city’s hearts.

Abbots Lobster in the Rough, Noank, Connecticut

The 15 Best Sandwiches in America

Abbots Lobster in the Rough is an amazing pleasure to dine at. Abbots, a bright red crab shack located near Noank Harbor, may have the best lobster roll in the United States. Although though they are only open during the summer months, the reputation of their seafood has spread. It is typical for first-time visitors to get a lobster roll served on a toasted hamburger bun and available in three sizes: quarter pound, half a pound, and whole pound. Abbots is BYOB, so bring some wine and sit in to enjoy the views if you’d want to make it a date night! 1) Lobster in the Rough at Abbots, Noank, Connecticut.

Bouchon Bakery, New York City, New York

As soon as you enter Bouchon Bakery, the aroma of freshly baked goods and the sight of decadent-looking sweets will awaken your senses. Chef Thomas Keller, the owner of many 3-Star Michelin Guide restaurants, is obviously knowledgeable about food. While many of his restaurants are upscale, Bouchon Bakery is the place to go for a casual weekend brunch or a pastry to go. His sandwiches are served on exceptional baguettes, focaccias, and brioches, which elevates them above the competition. Even their grilled cheese will have you wondering how something so simple can be so delicious.

Restaurant Bricco, West Hartford, CT

Restaurant Bricco, a restaurant with Italian roots, has an Italian-American attitude and serves wonderful comfort food. While Restaurant Bricco was developed from Mom’s Spaghetti Carbonara, the menu’s stars are a tiny selection of five sandwiches packed with authentic Italian ingredients. This amazing sandwich was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Pine State Biscuits, Portland, OR

Pine State Biscuits, renowned for its buttery, flaky handcrafted biscuits, has expanded across the United States, with its flagship location in Portland continuing to thrive. Instead of limiting their flawlessly baked biscuits to the traditional biscuits and gravy menu selection, Pine State Biscuits opted to add a tasty twist. One of the most well-known dishes in Portland, Pine State’s biscuit sandwiches delivers the right balance of flavors regardless of which of the 10 alternatives you choose.

Dublin Pub, Dayton, Ohio

The Dublin Bar has been attracting drinkers, gamblers, and performers for over two decades. It is housed in a unique combination of a former gas station and a rescued 100-year-old church. Their brunch, lunch, and supper menus feature Irish comfort food as well as a variety of sandwiches centered on meat. On brioche, the High Kings Ribeye combines a 6-ounce ribeye steak with Monterey Jack cheese, horseradish, and crispy onion. On grilled rye bread, the Uptown Reuben boasts half a pound of pastrami and corned beef, Russian dressing, and coleslaw. There is also a menu for Irish and Scotch whisky if you’re in the mood for a tiny dram.

Route 58, Virginia Beach, VA

The 15 Best Sandwiches in America

Considered Virginia Beach’s best deli, Route 58 is an unassuming establishment with an excellent menu. Sandwiches at Route 58 are so stuffed with meat, cheese, and bread that it is physically impossible to consume them. The sandwiches are stuffed to the brim with meat and cheese, and the bread rises to the top of the filling. Pastrami, which melts on your tongue, is the most popular filling and a component of a variety of sandwich options, including the scrumptious 58 Sailor, a sandwich stuffed with pastrami, corned beef, hot dogs, and Swiss cheese.

Saint Dinette, Saint Paul, MN

The food at Saint Paul’s Saint Dinette is brimming with delectable flavors. The cuisine is influenced by the French and the South and Gulf of Mexico. Saint Dinette serves the best sandwiches in Minnesota, including a bologna sandwich with a Cuban-inspired flavor profile that is Instagrammable. The most popular menu item at Saint Dinette is the bologna sandwich, which consists of fried bologna topped with cheese and pickles to create the quintessential Minnesota comfort food.

Sal, Kris, and Charlie Deli, New York City, NY

Sal, Kris, and Charlie Deli, located in the New York City borough of Queens, is known as “The Sandwich King of Astoria” for its simple Italian subs. Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s deli enjoy a high level of customer loyalty due to the popularity of its trademark cold-cut sandwiches among local residents. The sandwiches are enormous, including the flagship sandwich, The Bomb, which features American and Italian cold meats, American and Provolone cheese, salad, hot and sweet peppers, mayonnaise, and vinegar. This iconic sandwich is well-known for having been featured in the New York Times and Thrillist, constantly listed among the top one hundred dishes in the country and named America’s Best Sandwich.

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